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From a sticking door to a collapsed roof… all types of repairs can be undertaken in a professional manner. We can fix slipped, double glazed units and solve condensated glazing problems, before redecorating to provide the perfect finish.

Wooden windows do not necessarily need to be replaced, often they can be brought back to life with a fresh lick of paint prior to a neat finish to the window trim. Our specialist painter and decorator may be the right choice for you.

Bring your conservatory or Orangery back into the 21st century with a restoration from Lee & Micklethwait. Wave bye-bye to your aged double glazing, and greet your new, modern high performance glazing with open arms.


This glazed room was looking rather weathered when we were approached to to restore it to its former glory…


New double glazing, and freshly painted frames help rectify this glazed room and replenish its classic vigour


We felt this wooden structure looked tired and in need of a freshen up with a Lee & Micklethwait restoration to the roof


We removed the old, weathered fixture and fitted a new tiled roof which will give much better protection throughout all seasons

If you would like to change the frame material or replace a roof structure, then we can do just this.

We use genuine roof tiles or slates (not the imitation lightweight materials). Our robust products will add value to a properly built structure, and protect your conservatory no matter the weather.

We replaced this roof with stylish, textured slates to give a fresh but traditional appeal

After a thorough assessment of your conservatory, we may offer you a complete re-design.  If we feel your property would benefit most form this option then our experienced and professional team has the know-how to design and implement the construction of a brand new glazed room. During our consultation process we can discuss all options and pricing, and you can pick the service from Lee & Micklethwait that suits you most.


This structure looked tired and dated and in need of modernisation…


…so we designed and built a bright, new glazed room, and  constructed a fresh, new garden patio space to make better use of the outdoor area


In our eyes, this basic outdoor unit did not capitalise on the space in this customer’s back garden


…so we constructed this extension across the width of the house and maximised the rear-yard space with clean, stoned paving

Experts in all types of repair, restoration and re-building, throughout Yorkshire

Over 30 years experience in all things glass and glazing

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